Podcast episode 5

Driving Through the Holidays

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Today’s blog post features a snippet from our special holiday episode of the “What Drives You?” podcast. Check it out and then click the link at the end to hear the full episode. I’ll be sharing a mindfulness practice you can use all year round, so you don’t want to miss it!

Episode #5
Driving Through the Holidays

Ellen: Welcome to the What Drives You? Podcast. Today I’m with my husband, Paul chute, who is also a clinical social worker. Paul and I are going to talk about driving through the holiday season and what happens in our “family cars” during this time of year.

Paul: Yes, and for many people, the holidays mean getting back into their childhood cars that they’ve been away from for some time. I’m wondering how that may affect people during the holidays.

Ellen: I think of the holidays as being a potentially intense time for people as, culturally, we think about holidays as a time for families getting together. For many people, that means getting back into a family car that they’re not in on a regular basis.

And if they go to visit family, if they get together with other families, or if families come to visit them . . . when that happens, for a lot of people, they experience a lot of feelings about it.

Paul: I would think that they would have a lot of anxiety as well. I’ve talked to people that say their anxiety is very much provoked during the holiday season. And I would think that fits into the car concept.

Ellen: Yes, I would agree with you. For some people, it could be things like anxiety. For some people, they would say that it was more about depression, and for some people, it just might feel overwhelming on some level.

Even if they might not have words for it, for a lot of people the holidays bring up some intense feelings.


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