Episode #7

The Making of a Veteran with PTSD

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Today’s post is a peek into podcast episode #7, The Making of a Veteran with PTSD. Tolly and I had a very special, and handsome, I might add, guest—my husband Paul. All kidding aside, I’m so grateful to Paul for the vulnerability and authenticity he brought to our conversation. In this episode, we explore Paul’s experiences of:

  • Growing up in a home where he was largely unsupervised and often neglected, resulting in multiple accidents and injuries as a child.
  • The disintegration of his “family car,” or support system, as his brothers went off to start new chapters of their lives and his mom abandoned the family.
  • Stepping into the driver’s seat and being thrust into the role of caretaker as his father sunk into a deep depression.
  • The disintegration of his “cars,” or support systems, over and over throughout his life and how he created new ones in order to get his needs met in each season.
  • The struggle of sometimes feeling disconnected within a perfectly loving and ideal blended family.
  • Feeling lost after the collapse of his most recent “car,” as he stepped away from his work as a social worker with the V.A. and into retirement.


There are lessons to be gleaned in each of these lived experiences. I hope you’ll tune in and connect to all the relatable moments Paul brought us through this heartfelt and honest conversation.


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