What Drives You Podcast

Have you ever thought about why you think the way you think? Or act the way you act? Have you ever thought about what drives you in life and relationships? In the What Drives You? podcast, we explore these questions and more through the relatable metaphor of the "family car," shedding light on how our family of origin dynamics impact us throughout our lives.

Find What Drives You? on your favorite podcast platform. You can also click the episode titles below to listen to some of my favorite conversations from season one.

Episode 1: What Drives You?

Ever wonder why you do what you do? You learned it in your family car!

Episode 2: Where Did You Sit in the Car?

Who were you in your car…the smart one, the athlete, the baby, the lazy one?

Our roles last forever!

Episode 3: What Kind of Car Did Your Family Have?

What was the dynamic in your car growing up? Learn about the 4 types of cars: Chaotic, Controlled, Perfect, and Real.

Episode 4: Can I Make it a Good Journey?

How the dynamics in the car can create positive roles amidst difficult circumstances.